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Box Set Sleeves - 2mil Polyethylene

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Guard Your Vinyl Gems: Premium Box Set Sleeves for Pristine Protection

Are dust bunnies plotting an ambush? Are sunbeams plotting to fade your box set artwork? Fear not, vinyl champions! Our premium 2-mil polyethylene box set sleeves stand sentinel, shielding your treasures from wear and tear for generations.

Why Unleash the Power of Our Box Set Guardians?

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  • Vinyl Box Set Guardians: 2-mil Shields in 2 Sizes (13x13 & 14x14) w/ Flap. Fits Sets Up to 1.25" 
  • Built to Last: Crafted from 2-mil polyethylene, these bad boys are no lightweight imposters. They snugly envelop your box sets, keeping them pristine through countless spins.
  • Clear Obsession: Picture your collection bathed in vibrant artwork, each sleeve a gleaming shield showcasing the sonic treasures within. Dust and scratches tremble before their might while static crackles surrender silently to their anti-static technology.
  • The Perfect Fit: These snuggly guardians adapt to most box set sizes, keeping your collection organized and safe, like a velvety hug for your musical memories.
  • Ultimate Peace of Mind: Invest in your sonic legacy. These proudly American-made shields offer archival-grade protection, ensuring your vinyl memories echo for generations.

Don't let dust bunnies claim victory! Order your premium box set sleeves today and let the music reign supreme!