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2mil Outer Polyethylene Vinyl Sleeves

$7.99 USD


    • Spacious Sanctuary: Measuring 12 3/4 x 12 3/4, these sleeves offer ample room for single and most double LPs, providing a haven for your cherished vinyl.
    • Grand Protection: These perfectly sized sleeves embrace your LPs, offering ultimate protection without sacrificing storage space.

Fits all single LPs and most Double LPs:

    • Universal Guardians: From classic singles to gatefold giants, these versatile sleeves accommodate various vinyl formats, keeping your entire collection safe and sound.
    • No LP Left Behind: Whether you spin vintage classics or modern double LPs, these sleeves offer a welcoming home for all your sonic treasures.

Vinyl Valhalla: Fortifying Your Treasures with 2mil Polyethylene Armor

Vinyl warriors heed the call! Has dust declared war on your precious LPs? Do scratches mock the pristine artwork of your beloved albums? Fear not, for a fortress of protection awaits! Our premium 2mil polyethylene outer sleeves stand as unwavering guardians, keeping your sonic treasures safe from the ravages of time.

No more shall sunlight's cruel rays bleach your vibrant artwork! Our sleeves deflect the harmful UV glare, ensuring your album covers retain their original splendor for decades. Forget the faded memories of past heroes; with our protectors, your vinyl collection will remain a vibrant tapestry of sonic memories.

But protection needn't shroud your treasures in darkness! Our 2mil guardians strike the perfect balance, offering defense while showcasing the beauty within. Like a clear shield, they allow you to admire the artistry of your collection, the vibrant colors and iconic designs that whisper tales of forgotten grooves.

Double LPs? Single LPs? Fear not, for our sleeves adapt! Tailored to embrace various vinyl formats, they become a comfortable haven for your precious records. A perfect fit.

But the benefits transcend mere physical protection. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vinyl is safe. No longer will you wince at the thought of dust bunnies or careless fingers. Our sleeves offer a sanctuary, a haven where your records can rest easy, their sonic stories preserved for future generations.

Your records will thank you. Your ears will thank you. Your soul, steeped in the rich tapestry of music, will thank you.

Let the vinyl Valhalla begin!

    Customer Reviews

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    Cindy A.

    Great company with American made products. Will buy my vinyl preservation items from them!

    Perry B.

    Perfect fit for all my albums. Great product!