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4mil Inner Polyethylene Vinyl Sleeves - SHIPPING MARCH 1

$12.99 USD

Vinyl Villains Got You Down? Fear Not, Groove Warriors!

Dust devils swirling, sunlight plotting to bleach your precious vinyl? Don't surrender! Unleash the power of our premium 4-mil polyethylene inner sleeves, the ultimate shield for your treasured LPs. These bad boys are true 4-mil thickness, none of that flimsy imposter stuff. They're like sonic bodyguards, repelling dust bunnies, scratches, and even rogue sunbeams with unwavering resolve.

Why Ditch the Others for Ours?

  • Built to Last: We're talking true 4-mil thickness, like a knight's armor for your grooves. Dust and scratches tremble at the sight of it.
  • Static Slayer: Crackle and pops? Not on our watch! Our anti-static tech keeps your grooves whisper-quiet, ensuring every note rings true as the artist intended.
  • Ultimate Peace of Mind: Made in the USA with premium materials, these sleeves invest in your vinyl memories, protecting them for generations.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: These premium inner sleeves are crafted with American grit and quality like your favorite vinyl. Support local artisans and safeguard your sonic treasures.

Stop the vinyl villains and unleash your sonic kingdom! Order your premium inner sleeves today and let the music reign supreme!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 357 reviews
    Jeff Bolt
    1/8" shorter please

    Great quality and price. Fits great in gatefold, tip-on, and those annoying wide spine single pocket jackets perfectly, but can be annoying or not fit at all in some standard jackets. Take an 1/8 off the height and these are perfect. Will continue to buy them, but some records will just keep living in the original paper dust sleeves.

    Wayne Novick

    GREAT PRODUCT&PACKAGING!! A++++ SELLER***********************

    Thuy M.

    Great inner sleeve, good quality, easily slide in and out.

    Thuy M.

    Good product at a fair price

    Dr. Jay Allen

    Ditto: see above.