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4mil Outer Polyethylene Vinyl Sleeves

$12.99 USD

Shield Your Treasures with Premium 4-Mil Outer Sleeves

 Dust Devils Wreaking Havoc on Your Vinyl? Sunbeams Fading Your Artwork? Fear not, vinyl warriors! Our premium 4-mil polyethylene outer sleeves stand guard, keeping your record jackets pristine for generations.

Why Ditch the Rest for Ours?

  • Built to Last: Forget flimsy imposters! These bad boys are true 4-mil thickness, shielding your precious artwork from dust, scratches, and even rogue sunbeams.
  • No More Size Dilemmas: These sleeves embrace all single and most double LPs, keeping your collection organized and safe.
  • Clear Obsession: Flaunt your vinyl's vibrant artwork without sacrificing protection. Picture your record wall bathed in sunlight, each sleeve proudly displaying its inner masterpiece.
  • Locally Crafted, Globally Enjoyed: These sleeves carry the pride of American quality to vinyl lovers worldwide
  • The Ultimate Vinyl Shield: Invest in archival-grade quality and watch your memories defy the sands of time. Let the music flow from generation to generation, its artwork eternally pristine.

Stop searching and start safeguarding! Order your premium outer sleeves today and unleash the full fury of your vinyl collection!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Jonathan D.

    I like the 4mil sleeves the best because they have a nice texture and opacity that looks super sharp on my shelf.

    Anthony P.

    Great value for your money! I have other 4 mil sleeves and those seem slightly thicker, so I'm calling these 3.5mil instead. Crystal clear and thick enough!

    Bill W.

    Great size sleeves, not too small, not too loose. I will definitely purchase these again! Thank you for the fast shipping as well!

    Peter S.

    Very impressed with the quality of these sleeves

    Ryan M.

    Product was as described. They are exactly what I needed and have fit all of my double records perfectly so far.