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Unlock Wholesale Savings and American Quality: Dive into Diverse Vinyl Essentials!

Ready to take your vinyl game to the next level? Our wholesale program unlocks a world of premium record storage solutions at incredible prices. But here's the catch (a good catch, we promise!): to snag these deals, you'll need to grab 4 boxes or more.

Think of it as your all-access pass to a diverse smorgasbord of boxed products:

    • Elevate your record shipping game: Premium LP Mailers for damage-defying delivery
    • Archival-quality outer sleeves that shield your precious vinyl from dust, scratches, and the evil clutches of time. (Say goodbye to crackle and pop; hello to pure sonic bliss!)
    • Inner sleeves are made from acid-free, non-abrasive materials, ensuring your records stay pristine for generations to come. (Think of them as tiny, dedicated vinyl whisperers!)

But the best part? Everything is proudly Made in the USA. We're committed to supporting domestic production and upholding the highest quality standards. By choosing our products, you're investing not just in your vinyl collection but also in American craftsmanship.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our wholesale offerings and discover a world of vinyl essentials, ready to elevate your listening experience. Remember, the magic number is 4 – grab 4 boxes or more and unlock a treasure trove of savings and American quality!

Customer Reviews

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Verified Buyer

Please let us know if you obtain any plastic or paper 7" outer/inner sleeves or any paper 12" sleeves. Thanks!

Paul Chapman

Best sleeves on the market! We don’t want to use anything else in our record shoppe!

James Harmon

Little bigger than what I was used to. However they fit gate and trifold lps really nice. Good quality

Hermione Wingfield

Trusted Seller! Buy with Confindence!!!

Smith Amato

Great seller!