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The Lawrence Arms - Skeleton Coast - Signed Album

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Skeleton Coast: A Remote Recording Journey

Labels: Epitaph
Format: Vinyl
Country: Europe
Released Year: 2020
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


A1   Quiet Storm  
A2   PTA  
A3   Belly Of The Whale  
A4   Dead Man's Coat  
A5   Pigeons And Spies  
A6   Last, Last Words  
A7   (The) Demon  
B1   Ghostwriter  
B2   How To Rot  
B3   Under Paris  
B4   Goblin Foxhunt  
B5   Lose Control  
B6   Don't Look At Me  
B7   Coyote Crown  


"Skeleton Coast" was meticulously crafted 30 miles east of El Paso, Texas, at the secluded Sonic Ranch Studios. Collaborating with producer Matt Allison, the band embraced a unique "album camp" approach. For two weeks, they found themselves immersed in a remote, focused environment, starkly contrasting to their usual recording sessions in the familiar hustle of Chicago. Chris McCaughan, the band's lead singer and guitarist, reflects on this novel experience, highlighting how the absence of everyday distractions significantly shaped their creative process.

This album marks a pivotal moment in the band's two-decade journey, presenting a familiar yet evolved sound that resonates deeply with our collective history's current, unusual chapter. Intriguingly, although the album's creation predates the global upheaval caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, its themes and narratives eerily predict an apocalyptic future. It paints vivid imagery of a world where wild coyotes sing and wolf packs roam uninhibited.

Brendan Kelly, the band's vocalist and bassist, emphasizes the album's significance in their long-standing career. He describes it as a compelling, urgent expression of their art, intertwining darkness with a relentless search for light. Despite its somber overtones, the album is fundamentally about discovering glimmers of hope in bleak times. Kelly articulates this as a quest for small, meaningful moments that make life bearable amidst chaos, a sentiment that echoes powerfully in their latest work.