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Lillie Mae - Forever and Then Some - Signed Album

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Lillie Mae: A Musical Journey from Childhood Prodigy to Nashville Star

Labels: Third Man Records
Format: Vinyl
Country: UK, Europe & US
Released Year: 2017
Genre: Folk, World, & Country


A1   Over The Hill And Through The Woods  
A2   Honky Tonks And Taverns  
A3   Wash Me Clean  
A4   Loaner  
A5   Honest And True  
B1   These Daze  
B2   Forever And Then Some  
B3   Nearing Home  
B4   To Go Wrong  
B5   Some Fine Day  
B6   Dance To The Beat Of My Own Drum  


In the heart of Nashville, a city renowned for nurturing musical talents, Lillie Mae is a testament to a life dedicated to music. Her journey began remarkably early, taking to the stage at the tender age of three, and she has since traversed the expanse of America, enchanting audiences with her melodies. Her debut album, "Forever And Then Some," is a masterful blend of genres – country, bluegrass, and blues – all intricately woven with her unique life experiences.

This album is not just a collection of songs, but a tapestry of heartfelt narratives. It offers a window into the soul of Lillie Mae, showcasing her extraordinary skill as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Each track in the album, particularly standouts like "Wash Me Clean" and the emotionally charged single, "Over The Hill and Through The Woods," captures moments of deep intimacy and significant encounters. These songs are snapshots of life, echoing with a blend of raw emotion and a relentless drive for creative expression.

The production of the album adds another layer to its allure. Guided by the expert hands of Jack White III at the Third Man Studio in Nashville, and with the assistance of Grammy Award-nominated engineer Joshua V. Smith, the album is a sonic masterpiece. The production quality complements Lillie Mae's musical vision, bringing to life her stories and emotions in a way that resonates with the listener.

"Forever And Then Some" is more than just a debut; it's a declaration of Lillie Mae's arrival as a formidable talent in the music world. It marks the emergence of a singer/songwriter whose gifts have been long honed and are now fully realized. This album is a celebration of a lifetime in music, and Lillie Mae, a bright new star in the music industry, shines with the depth and brilliance of an artist who has been perfecting her craft all her life.

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