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Dwarves - The Dwarves Must Die - Signed Album

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The Dwarves Must Die: 2004's Masterpiece Revisited

Labels: Greedy,MVD Audio
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released Year: 0
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


A1   Bleed On  
A2   FEFU  
A3   Salt Lake City  
A4   Dominator  
A5   Demented  
A6   Blast  
A7   Like You Want  
B1   Relentless  
B2   Massacre  
B3   Runaway  
B4   Go!  
B5   Another Classic  
B6   Christ On A Mic  
B7   Downey Junior  
B8   The Dwarves Must Die  


The Dwarves' 2004 masterpiece, "The Dwarves Must Die," is a landmark in their discography. Originally launched under the Sympathy for the Record Industry label, this influential album had been elusive for many, remaining out of print for years. Now, in a much-anticipated reissue, the entirety of this seminal work is brought back to life, along with two exceptional bonus tracks.

This album is a quintessential representation of full-throttle punk rock, infused with noise and garage rock elements, all delivered with the unmistakable edge and sleaze that only The Dwarves can muster. The reissue promises to pack all of this raw energy and unapologetic spirit onto a 12-inch vinyl, offering both long-time fans and new listeners an immersive dive into one of the band's most significant and provocative works.

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