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Dwarves - The Dwarves Concept Album - Signed Album

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The Dwarves' Audacious Return: A Genre-Bending Rock Odyssey

Labels: Greedy
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released Year: 2023
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


A1   Blast On  
A2   Feeling Great  
A3   Voodoo  
A4   Terrorist Of Love  
A5   Ages Ago  
A6   Dead To Me  
A7   Do It All The Time  
A8   Nobody And Me  
A9   Everybody Squirts  
A10   Kill Or Be Killed  
A11   Roxette  
B12   You Lose We Win  
B13   Parasite  
B14   Come Unglued  
B15   We Will Dare  
B16   Lean  
B17   Ain't Playin'  
B18   Sixteen  
B19   Stabbed My Dad  
B20   All For You  


Punk Rock legends The Dwarves are back, embarking on an audacious journey across the diverse landscapes of music. Their latest creation is an eclectic mix that defies traditional genre boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of rock & roll, thrash, garage, pop, metal, and experimental sounds. True to their reputation, The Dwarves continue to push the envelope with their provocative lyrics and startling visual imagery, offering a raw, unfiltered experience. This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a wild ride that might just leave you with more than you bargained for!

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