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Dwarves - The Dwarves Are Young And Good Looking - Signed Album

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The Dwarves' Iconic Album: "Young & Good Looking"

Labels: Burger Records,Greedy
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released Year: 2019
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


A1   Unrepentant 2:14
A2   We Must Have Blood 2:15
A3   I Will Deny 1:39
A4   Demonica 1:57
A5   Every Bodies Girl 2:42
A6   Throw That World Away 1:34
B1   Hits 1:13
B2   The Ballad Of Vadge Moore 1:33
B3   One Time Only 1:30
B4   Pimp 1:06
B5   The Crucifixion Is Now 1:11
B6   You Gotta Burn 3:45


The 1997 album "Young & Good Looking," released under Recess & Epitaph Records, stands as the Dwarves' most acclaimed work. This album marries the quintessential 'pop-punk' vibe of the 90s with daring and edgy lyrics, a combination that cemented the band's status as punk legends in the California music scene. Featuring hit tracks like "Everybodies Girl," "One Time Only," and "You Gotta Burn," the album showcases the band's signature sound. Allmusic awarded "Young & Good Looking" a four-star rating, praising it as not only the Dwarves' most fulfilling album to date but also as a pivotal moment marking the evolution of the band.

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