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Carnifex - Graveside Confessions - Signed Album

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Carnifex's "GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS": A Deep Dive into Humanity's Innermost Secrets

Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/26/2021
UPC: 4065629607210
Artist: Carnifex


Disc 1 -

1 Graveside Confessions
2 Pray for Peace
3 Seven Souls
4 Cursed
5 Carry Us Away
6 Talk to the Dead
7 January Nights
8 Cemetery Wander
- Disc 2 -
1 Countess of Perpetual Torment
2 Dead Bodies Everywhere
3 Cold Dead Summer
4 Alive for the Last Time
5 Collaborating Like Killers - (Graveside Edition)
6 My Heart in Atrophy - (Graveside Edition)
7 Slit Wrist Savior - (Graveside Edition)

The dark realm of blackened Deathcore has a reigning champion, and they are back to remind everyone of their dominance. Carnifex, the undisputed maestros of the genre, have resurrected the essence of albums from yesteryears, delivering a blend that pays homage to the classic sounds that once dominated the scene.

Set for a grand release on Sep 3, 2021, under the banner of Nuclear Blast Records, "GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS" isn't unfamiliar with the bleak reality into which it was born. Just as every human has faced suffering, frailty, and deceit, it is also a part of our innate nature to guard these feelings and emotions. They remain our guarded secrets, often only coming to the surface when we're on the brink of death.

"'GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS' is a reflection of those suppressed sentiments, the ones we wish to express but hold back. It mirrors the burdens we hold onto, sometimes even till our last breath," muses Scott Ian Lewis, the mastermind and voice behind Carnifex. By delving into these often-ignored spaces, Lewis highlights the liberation, humor, and therapeutic release from confronting these feelings head-on.

The album's title track is a testament to this very theme, touching on the unfiltered truths of life, wrapped in a cocoon of sonic resentment. Following suit, 'ALIVE FOR THE LAST TIME' introduces a hint of mysterious, industrial cadence to the mix. As listeners traverse the album, they'll notice familiar echoes from the band's previous works. 'COUNTESS OF PERPETUAL TORMENT' maintains the dense ambiance reminiscent of SLOW DEATH, while 'CARRY US AWAY' elevates the experience with anthemic choruses and a nu-metal vibe.

Celebrating their illustrious journey, "GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS" coincidentally marks the 15th anniversary of Carnifex's debut masterpiece, DEAD IN MY ARMS. As a nod to their origin, the band has rekindled the magic of their first album, revisiting and re-recording three standout tracks. Leveraging modern production prowess, these tracks serve as a nostalgic trip down memory lane, effectively bridging the past with the present.

"GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS isn't merely an album; it's an experience," Lewis emphasizes. "It's an intimate exploration that will resonate with our fans on multiple levels. My aspiration is for our listeners to find a renewed zeal to face life head-on after diving into our latest offering."

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