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3mil Outer Polyethylene Vinyl Sleeves

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Preserve Your Precious Vinyl Gems: A Deep Dive into 3-mil Polyethylene Sleeves.

Dust, scratches, forgotten grooves – the enemies of cherished vinyl. But fear not, vinyl champions! Here's your ultimate defense: the mighty 3-mil polyethylene outer sleeve. Crafted with impenetrable durability and archival-grade quality, these clear guardians stand sentinel, ensuring your treasured LPs remain pristine for generations.


  • Pristine artwork, unfaded and vibrant, as sunlight's harsh rays are deflected, preserving the iconic imagery etched onto your record jackets.
  • Protective cocoon, shielding your grooves from the grubby claws of dust and the careless caress of scuffs. Every spin is a pristine sonic journey.
  • Peace of mind is washing over you, knowing your precious vinyl collection rests in an impenetrable fortress, safe from harm's reach.

But wait, there's more! These versatile guardians come in a range of strengths, ready to embrace all your sonic treasures:

  • 12" Giants: Dance away with all single LPs and most double LPs, comfortably enveloped in the 12.75 x 12.75 Embrace.
  • 10" Treasures Vintage gems and modern EPs find their haven in the snug 10.125 x 10.125 haven.
  • 7" Wonders: Singles and EPs, the footloose adventurers of vinyl, get their protective haven in the 7.125 x 7.125 sanctuary.

Why Choose 3-mil Polyethylene?

  • Durability unmatched: 3-mil thickness forms an impenetrable shield, shrugging off bumps, knocks, and the inevitable clumsiness of vinyl love.
  • Archival quality: Acid-free and PVC-free, these sleeves are the time capsules of vinyl, ensuring your collection survives the test of time.
  • Clear transparency: Let the artwork shine! Unveiled beauty meets ultimate protection, a feast for both eyes and ears.
  • Affordability that sings: Your vinyl deserves the best, and these sleeves deliver bulk options to fit every budget and collection size.
  • American-Made Protection: Give your LPs the patriotic protection they deserve! Our sleeves are proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and ethical production.

Investing in 3-mil polyethylene is an investment in the legacy of music. It's a declaration of love for the crackle and pop, the warm embrace of analog sound. It's a promise to future generations, ensuring the songs that move you today move them tomorrow.

So, raise a toast (or a needle) to the ultimate vinyl guardians! Ditch the flimsy pretenders and embrace the fortress-grade protection of 3-mil polyethylene outer sleeves.

Here are some additional tips for vinyl preservation:

  • Cool and dry: Vinyl thrives in a stable environment. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Please handle with care: Treat your records like the precious gems they are.
  • Clean regularly: A gentle brush or cleaning solution keeps dust and debris at bay.
  • Store wisely: Sturdy crates or boxes offer optimal protection.
  • Enjoy the journey: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of analog sound.

Remember, vinyl isn't just music; it's an experience. Your collection will soundtrack your life for years with the right care and protection.

Now go forth, vinyl warriors, and let the music live on!


Imagine a captivating image showcasing a record collection bathed in warm, inviting light; each LP nestled in a crystal-clear 3-mil polyethylene sleeve. The cover artwork should be vibrant and eye-catching, highlighting the sonic treasures. Perhaps a turntable sits in the background, ready to spin these timeless gems.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Feel free to customize and personalize the content to engage your audience further!

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    Joseph Macchia
    The best sleeves on the market for wax!

    Thanks so much for prompt securely packaged delivery on the best record sleeves money can buy.


    Best outer sleeves you can find


    Great sleeves

    Jessica M

    These sleeves are essential for anyone who buys and collects vinyl! They are high quality and durable sleeves that are exactly what I was looking for to protect my vinyl records and help keep my collection in the best shape. They shipped quickly and are the best sleeves I have found.

    Jesse Duplessie

    Best sleeves for the price. No need to look elsewhere.