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Dehd - Blue Skies - Signed Album

$33.99 USD

The Evolution of Dehd: From "Flower of Devotion" to "Blue Skies"

Labels: Fat Possum Records
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released Year: 2022
Genre: Rock


A1 Control
A2 Bad Love
A3 Bop
A4 Clear
A5 Hold
A6 Memories
B1 Wisdom
B2 Palomino
B3 Waterfall
B4 Dream On
B5 Empty In My Mind
B6 Stars
B7 No Difference


In the wake of the overwhelming acclaim that their 2020 release, "Flower of Devotion," received, the members of Dehd found themselves standing at a crossroads. This rapturous reception threw open doors to more extensive resources - bigger budgets, state-of-the-art studios, and some of the industry's leading producers. Yet, instead of chasing a new direction or sound, the band decided to amplify their inherent strength and authenticity. Their investment was not in the new, but in themselves and the unique musical narrative they've been weaving since their inception.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Dehd returned to the very studio that bore witness to the creation of "Flower of Devotion." But this time, they lingered for thrice as long. This extended sojourn allowed them to indulge in playful arrangements, experimenting with a diverse array of drum machines and synthesizers, enriching their sound palette.

While the essence of Dehd remained untouched with the band penning and recording every fragment of their album, their recent collaboration with Fat Possum records introduced them to a couple of sumptuous treats. The band enlisted the magic touch of Grammy-award winning mixing maestro, Craig Silvey, whose portfolio boasts names like The Rolling Stones, The National, and Arcade Fire. Adding another feather to their cap, they collaborated with the renowned mastering engineer, Heba Kadry, who has worked with giants like Slowdive, Bjork, and Cate Le Bon. Both these industry stalwarts played pivotal roles in molding Dehd's vision for "Blue Skies."

"Blue Skies" emerges as a testament to the band's consistent evolution. It's crisper, more intelligent, flaunting intricate harmonies and rhythms. Yet, amidst this sonic refinement, the heart of Dehd beats unchanged. "Blue Skies" encapsulates the wild, wondrous spirit of Dehd, but with an enhanced vigor. It serves as a beacon of hope in tumultuous times, only now, it shines brighter and resonates louder.

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