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Adam Melchor - Here Goes Nothing! - Signed Album

$36.99 USD

Adam Melchor's Musical Voyage: The Launch of 'Here Goes Nothing!'

Labels: Warner Records,R&R Digital,Coquito Records
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released Year: 2022
Genre: Pop
Style: Folk Rock


A1 I'm Afraid I Love You
A2 I'm Ready
A3 Angel Numbers
A4 Cry
A5 Touch And Go
B1 Turnham Green
B2 Rest Of My Night
B3 Let Me Know When
B4 Dorothy
B5 Sorry Adam

Embarking on a significant milestone, the emerging artist Adam Melchor unveils his first studio collection, "Here Goes Nothing!" This album is not just a compilation of melodies but a canvas of collaboration, showcasing the creative confluence of Melchor’s songwriting prowess and the production acumen of Henry Kwapis. Kwapis, a renowned figure known for his work with industry stalwarts like Benny Blanco and Dijon, brings a wealth of experience to the table, complementing Melchor's fresh and authentic narrative style.

The album is a testament to Melchor’s vision as a singer-songwriter, reflecting his journey through its eclectic tracks. Each song is a chapter of a larger story that Melchor has meticulously crafted, drawing listeners into a world where each note and lyric is intentional and impactful. The record is punctuated with contributions from various musical virtuosos, including the multi-talented Charlie Puth, the enchanting Lennon Stella, the insightful Emily Warren, and the inventive Andrew Sarlo. These artists infuse their unique essence into the project, enriching it with diverse perspectives and sonic textures.

Among the standout moments is the track "Let Me Know When," which features the iconic Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes. Pecknold’s distinct folk-influenced tones blend seamlessly with Melchor’s modern stylings, creating a harmonious dialogue between tradition and innovation. This collaboration is a highlight of the album that resonates with the old souls and the new-age dreamers.

"Here Goes Nothing!" is more than an album; it's a narrative woven with the threads of human emotion and artistic integrity. Melchor doesn't just sing; he communicates through music, offering a window into his soul. With each song, he invites the audience to step into his world to experience the highs and lows, the doubts and the triumphs that have shaped his path as an artist. The album explores genres, a blend of indie pop with subtle hints of folk and rock, all coming together to form a sound uniquely Melchor's.

The presence of such notable contributors adds layers of richness to the album. Puth’s expertise in crafting infectious pop hooks, Stella’s angelic vocal presence, Warren’s lyrical depth, and Sarlo’s innovative production techniques all converge, amplifying the essence of Melchor’s music. Each track is a collaboration in the truest sense, a symphony of creative energies that elevate the album to new heights.

"Here Goes Nothing!" represents a beginning, a first step into the limelight for Adam Melchor. It’s an audible leap of faith, a declaration of his dedication to his craft, and an invitation to listeners to embark on this musical odyssey with him. The album promises to be a journey through both familiar and uncharted soundscapes, a blend of the comforting and the challenging. It’s a brave foray into the world of music, one that Melchor approaches with both humility and confidence.

As the title suggests, "Here Goes Nothing!" acknowledges the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in releasing one's art into the world. Yet, Melchor’s voice has an underlying optimism, a belief that the stories he tells and the emotions he shares will resonate with others. It's a debut that feels like the beginning of a long and rewarding journey, both for Melchor and for those who choose to listen.