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LP Mailer - Vinyl Record

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Fortress for Vinyl: Ship Records Fearlessly with the Vinyl LP Mailer

Music enthusiasts and collectors understand the significance of preserving the pristine condition of vinyl records. These precious items demand extra care, mainly when they are in transit. With the advent of vinyl record mailers, ensuring the safety and protection of your records has never been easier. In this detailed guide, we explore the unparalleled features and benefits of our 12” custom die-cut vinyl record mailer, showcasing why it is the optimal choice for safeguarding your vinyl records during shipping.

Maximizing Vinyl Protection:

When shipping vinyl records, the risk of damage is a significant concern for both sellers and collectors. Our vinyl record mailer addresses this concern head-on, offering maximum protection to ensure your records reach their destination in the same condition they left. The robust design of our mailer is specifically tailored to withstand the rigors of transit, protecting the record corners and preventing any potential damage. This level of protection is crucial, especially when considering the irreplaceable nature of some vinyl records.

User-Friendly Assembly:

Time is of the essence, and our vinyl record mailer is designed with this in mind. The mailer can be assembled quickly and effortlessly, requiring four simple moves. Open the cardboard, fold the inner scored and folded flaps to create a snug fit for the record, insert the vinyl, and fold the protective cover over. We recommend using tape to secure the mailer for added security during shipping. This user-friendly design ensures you can pack and ship your records efficiently and easily, making the entire process hassle-free.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

In today’s world, the importance of sustainable practices cannot be overstated. Our vinyl record mailer, offering an eco-friendly packaging solution, aligns with this ethos. The mailer is constructed from 100% raw corrugated paper, a lightweight yet sturdy, easily recyclable material. Choosing our vinyl record mailer means making a responsible choice for the environment without compromising quality or protection.

Innovative Design:

Shipping vinyl records demands a specialized approach; our mailer is crafted with this in mind. The design accommodates up to two LPs at once, eliminating the need for additional packaging. Outer bumpers on each side of the mailer provide extra protection to the seams of the record, while the zip-back opening ensures ease of box opening for the end consumer. This thoughtful design enhances the protection of your records and your company’s image, allowing you to ship confidently.


Reducing shipping costs without compromising on protection is a priority for many, and our vinyl record mailer addresses this need. The superior technology in constructing our mailers ensures they take up less space, resulting in lower transport and postage costs. Additionally, the quick and easy assembly process translates to time savings, further adding to the cost-efficiency of our solution.

Product Description:

Are you weary of receiving damaged and scratched records? Look no further; the Music Record Shop has the perfect solution for you – our indestructible vinyl record mailers. Meticulously designed to provide unparalleled protection, these mailers ensure the safe and successful shipment of records both domestically and internationally. The inclusion of outer bumpers and inner scored flaps guarantees that your records will arrive undamaged, maintaining their corners and seams in impeccable condition. This makes our vinyl record mailer the preferred choice for music publishers, distributors, record labels, collectors, and artists alike.

Ensuring Quality and Trust:

When you choose our vinyl record mailer, you are opting for a product that is synonymous with quality and reliability. Crafted from high-quality materials, our mailer provides the perfect amount of space to store two LPs securely, minimizing the risk of breakage. This level of protection is essential for ensuring that vinyl records, which are often irreplaceable and hold significant sentimental value, reach their destination in perfect condition.

Effortless Assembly:

One of the standout features of our vinyl record mailer is its ease of assembly. Custom die-cut technology ensures that the mailer can be packed twice as quickly as other vinyl record boxes, providing a fast and efficient solution for your shipping needs. This streamlined assembly process not only saves time but also ensures that your records are securely packed and ready to withstand the challenges of transit.

A Thoughtful Gift for Vinyl Enthusiasts:

If you are in search of a unique and thoughtful gift for vinyl collectors or audiophiles, your search ends here. Our vinyl record mailers serve as the perfect present, offering protection and practicality. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a token of appreciation, these mailers are sure to impress, making you the favorite giver in any setting.


In summary, our vinyl record mailer stands out as the premier solution for safeguarding your valuable records during transit. With its maximum protection, eco-friendly materials, innovative design, cost-efficiency, and ease of assembly, it addresses all the needs of vinyl enthusiasts and professionals alike. Choose our vinyl record mailer and ensure that your records arrive in the same pristine condition they left, every single time. Make the smart choice for your vinyl collection, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your records are protected by the best.

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