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4mil Outer Polyethylene Vinyl Sleeves

$12.99 USD

Enhance Your Collection with Superior Vinyl Sleeve Protection

Step up your vinyl game with our Premium 4-Mil Outer Sleeves, meticulously designed for the vinyl connoisseur who stops at nothing to protect their prized collection. These sleeves aren't just protective gear; they're an homage to your dedication to vinyl, ensuring each record you own remains in mint condition, just as it deserves.

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Size: 12/3/4 x 12 3/4

Uncompromising Protection: Our sleeves boast a robust 4-mil thickness and a veritable shield against dust, scratches, and UV light, preserving your album art in its original glory.

Universal Compatibility: Whether it's a rare single or a hefty double LP, our sleeves are tailored to fit, providing a sanctuary for your eclectic collection.

Optimal Clarity: Revel in the artwork of your favorite albums. Our transparent vinyl sleeves ensure your vinyl's visual appeal is never obscured, enhancing your display and appreciation.

American Craftsmanship: Embrace the superior quality of American-made products, a testament to durability and excellence that resonates with collectors worldwide.

Preserve for Posterity: Opt for archival-grade protection and keep your vinyl's legacy alive, passing on the beat and soul of your collection to future generations.

Secure the future of your vinyl treasures now. Purchase your Premium 4-Mil Outer Sleeves and revel in the peace of mind with unparalleled protection.

We get it—each record in your collection is more than just music; it's a narrative, a piece of art, a memory encapsulated in grooves. That's why we've crafted our sleeves to respect and protect your vinyl, ensuring that each album, be it a cherished heirloom or a new favorite, is preserved in pristine condition. Trust in our sleeves to be the guardians of your collection, just as you are its curator.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Edward Stone
    One of the best poly bags I have ever used

    These look very nice and professional for collectors. The seams look great and they fit double LPs well. So they’re a nice universal design. I can even fit really thick gatefolds. The only thing that sucks is these sleeves seem to change from time to time. This is apparently beyond their control. Either way they are nice though!

    Jonathan D.

    I like the 4mil sleeves the best because they have a nice texture and opacity that looks super sharp on my shelf.

    Anthony P.

    Great value for your money! I have other 4 mil sleeves and those seem slightly thicker, so I'm calling these 3.5mil instead. Crystal clear and thick enough!

    Bill W.

    Great size sleeves, not too small, not too loose. I will definitely purchase these again! Thank you for the fast shipping as well!

    Peter S.

    Very impressed with the quality of these sleeves