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2mil Outer Polypropylene Vinyl Sleeves

$12.99 USD

Captivating Your Vinyl Passion: Unveiling the Ultimate Record Sleeve Sanctuary

Tired of dust clinging to your precious grooves and light fading your album art? Say goodbye to vinyl woes and hello to pristine preservation! Our premium 2-mil polypropylene outer sleeves are the ultimate shield for your treasured LPs, keeping them looking as good as the day you bought them.

Here's why you'll love our sleeves:

  • Built to Last: Crafted from the highest quality 2-mil polypropylene, these sleeves are ultra-durable and whisper-thin. They'll shield your records from wear, dust, and scratches for years, all at an unbeatable price.
  • No More Thickness Fakes: Unlike some flimsy imitators, our sleeves are guaranteed true 2-mil thickness. Say goodbye to the disappointment of paper-thin sleeves that barely offer protection. With ours, you get uncompromising quality from edge to edge.
  • Lightproof Love Affair: Don't let harsh light steal your album art's vibrant colors! Our sleeves act like a sunblock for your records, preventing fading and preserving their beauty for generations.
  • Perfect Fit for Every Groove: Whether you spin classic singles or groove to epic double LPs, our sleeves have you covered. They comfortably fit most record sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit that keeps your collection safe and organized.
  • Clear Obsession: Show off your stunning album art without sacrificing protection. Our clear sleeves let the beauty of your collection shine through while keeping dust and dirt at bay.

Stop searching and start protecting! Invest in our premium vinyl outer sleeves and give your records the TLC they deserve. Grab your sleeves and crank up the protection!

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    Brian C.

    Great product at a fair price!!


    Perfect, thanks!