In the heart of St. Louis, The Song Society is changing the lives of sick kids and teens one note at a time. This music therapy charity organization provides therapeutic songwriting experiences that empower the voices of children, teenagers, and young adults facing life-altering medical conditions. Founded by Tracie Sandheinrich and Jaime Kennington, the Song Society is dedicated to supporting families affected by chronic illnesses, cancer, and trauma. In this article, we explore the profound impact of music therapy and the inspiring work of this therapy charity organization, led by board certified music therapists.

The Mission of the Song Society

The mission of the Song Society is simple yet powerful: to provide therapeutic songwriting and recording sessions free of charge to sick kids and teens. Led by board-certified music therapists, every song is crafted to give patients a voice and an outlet for their emotions. This charity organization provides therapeutic songwriting and believes in the power of music to heal and transform.

Why Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a clinical and evidence-based practice that uses music to address individuals' physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. Music therapy offers a supportive and creative outlet for children and teens facing serious medical conditions to express their feelings and cope with their experiences.

The Power of Therapeutic Songwriting

Therapeutic songwriting is at the heart of the Song Society's work. Through songwriting and recording sessions, patients can share their stories, express their emotions, and connect with others who understand their struggles. This process provides emotional relief and helps build self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

How the Song Society Helps

Board-Certified Music Therapists

The Song Society's sessions are led by board-certified music therapists trained to use music as a therapeutic tool. These professionals understand the unique needs of children and teens with life-altering medical conditions and tailor each session to meet those needs.

Supporting Families Affected by Cancer and Chronic Illness

Families affected by cancer and chronic illness often face immense emotional and financial stress. The Song Society offers a supportive environment where children and teens can express their feelings through music, helping alleviate some emotional burdens.

Trauma-Informed Care

Many of the patients served by the Song Society have experienced trauma related to their medical conditions. The therapists use a trauma-informed approach to ensure that each child feels safe and supported during their sessions.

The Impact of Music Therapy on Patients

Enhancing Mental Health

Music therapy has been shown to improve mental health outcomes for patients by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. It provides a creative outlet for expression and can help patients healthily process their emotions.

Palliative Care and Hospice

Music therapy offers comfort and emotional support for patients in palliative care and hospice. It can help manage pain, improve mood, and enhance the quality of life during difficult times.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Music therapy can also complement physical therapy by improving motor skills, coordination, and movement. It motivates patients to engage in therapeutic exercises and activities.

Case Studies: Real-Life Examples

Tracie's Story

Tracie Sandheinrich, co-founder of the Song Society, has been singing since childhood. Her passion for music and helping others led her to create this nonprofit organization. Through her work, she has seen firsthand the transformative power of music therapy in the lives of sick kids and teens.

Jaime's Journey

The other co-founder, Jaime Kennington has dedicated her career to providing music therapy to children with life-altering medical conditions. Her commitment to the Song Society's mission has helped countless families find hope and healing through music.

Abby's Experience

Abby, a teenager who participated in the Song Society's programs, wrote and recorded an original song about her journey with cancer. This experience helped her process her emotions, connect with others, and find peace during her treatment.

Research and Evidence

Clinical Research on Music Therapy

Research has consistently shown that music therapy can positively impact patients' mental and physical health. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing pain, improving mood, and enhancing the overall quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses and cancer.

The Role of Board Certification

Board certification ensures music therapists have the necessary training and skills to provide high-quality care. The Song Society's board-certified music therapists are equipped to address the unique needs of their patients and deliver effective therapeutic interventions.

Community Partnerships

Collaboration with Local Hospitals

The Song Society partners with local hospitals in St. Louis and Illinois to provide music therapy services to children and teens undergoing treatment. These partnerships help reach more patients and provide comprehensive care.

Support from Nonprofit Organizations

As a nonprofit organization, the Song Society relies on support from other charities and community organizations to continue its work. Donations and volunteer efforts help sustain their programs and expand their reach.

How You Can Help

Becoming a Supporter

There are many ways to support the Song Society's mission. Donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness about their work can all make a difference. Getting involved can help empower the voices of children and young adults facing life-altering medical conditions.

Joining the Team

If you are a board-certified music therapist or a healthcare professional interested in the intersection of music and therapy, consider joining the Song Society's team. Your skills and passion can help change the lives of sick kids and teens.

The Future of Music Therapy

Expanding Services

The Song Society aims to expand its services to reach more patients and families affected by chronic illness and cancer. By partnering with more hospitals and healthcare providers, they hope to bring the healing power of music therapy to even more children and teens.

Continued Research

Ongoing research into the benefits of music therapy will help refine techniques and improve patient outcomes. The Song Society is committed to staying at the forefront of this field and incorporating the latest evidence-based practices into its programs.

Summary: Key Takeaways

  • The Song Society is a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization providing free music therapy sessions to children and teens with life-altering medical conditions.
  • Music therapy offers numerous benefits, including improved mental health, pain management, and enhanced quality of life for palliative and hospice patients.
  • Board-certified music therapists lead the Song Society's sessions, ensuring high-quality and tailored therapeutic interventions.
  • Therapeutic songwriting and recording help patients express their emotions, share their stories, and connect with others.
  • The Song Society collaborates with local hospitals and other nonprofit organizations to reach more patients and provide comprehensive care.
  • Research supports the effectiveness of music therapy in reducing pain, anxiety, and depression while improving overall well-being.
  • Community support through donations, volunteering, and raising awareness is crucial for the Song Society's mission.
  • The Song Society aims to expand its services and continue leading in music therapy with ongoing research and evidence-based practices.


The Song Society’s dedication to changing the lives of sick kids and teens through music therapy is a testament to the transformative power of music. By supporting this charity organization, you can help empower children and young adults to find their voice and heal through the universal language of music.

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