Late Bloomer's "Another One Again" Album Review | Dead Broke Rekerks Release

Ah, sounds like Late Bloomer is kicking it up a notch with their fourth album, "Another One Again"! This Charlotte-based trio, consisting of Josh Robbins on bass, Neil Mauney on guitar, and Scott Wishart behind the drums, is pushing the boundaries once more, diving deep into a mix of sounds that's both fresh and familiar for alt-indie rock enthusiasts. With influences ranging from the expansive soundscapes of Magnolia Electric Company to the fuzzy alt-rock vibes of Superdrag, and even touching on the harmony-rich tones of Mojave 3, they're laying down a sound that's broad in scope yet sharply defined.

"Another One Again" is a step up from their past work, building on the solid foundation of albums like "Waiting" (2018) and "Things Change" (2014). It's pegged as their catchiest, biggest, and most cohesive record to date, which is saying something given their history of crafting compelling music that resonates with fans across the board.

The album tackles themes that hit close to the heart—forgiveness, depression, religion—packaged in tunes that'll stick in your head, from the powerful opener "Self Control" to the energetic "Birthday" and the evocative "Mother Mary." It's a blend of energy and emotion, executed with the precision of musicians who've truly found their stride.

Recorded by Greg Elkins and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato—names known for their work with the likes of American Aquarium, Dinosaur Jr., and Pixies—this album's got an auditory pedigree that promises quality. Mastering by Carl Saff adds another layer of polish, ensuring that "Another One Again" will shine across the board.

Featuring the addition of Jarad Rogers on guitar and a host of guest musicians, including pedal steel by Wes Hamilton and contributions from Stephen Pierce, Sarah Blumenthal, Elise Okusami, and Rob Pennington, the album is a rich tapestry of indie rock goodness. Set to drop on March 1, 2024, through Dead Broke Rekerds, this is one you'll want to mark on your calendar. Plus, with a black vinyl version up for grabs, collectors and fans alike have something special to look forward to.

"Another One Again" by Late Bloomer seems poised to be a landmark release for the band and a highlight of the indie rock calendar in 2024. Don't sleep on it—this album's shaping up to be an essential listen for anyone keen on the cutting edge of alt-indie rock. Preorders are shipping around the release date, so get yours in and be part of the experience from day one.

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