Discover Declan McKenna's Beach Odyssey | What Happened to the Beach?

Just days old, Declan McKenna's third studio album, "What Happened to the Beach?", has washed ashore, leaving listeners basking in its warm, psychedelic tide. A stark departure from his previous, introspective works, this release marks a vibrant embrace of summery pop, seasoned with introspective lyricism. Let's dive deep into the sonic ocean of McKenna's latest offering.

A California Dream:

McKenna's Californian sojourn heavily influenced the album's sound and themes. Inspired by his time spent soaking up the Golden State sunshine, the album exudes a sun-kissed soundscape, a stark contrast to the often bleak and introspective atmoshere of his earlier work. This shift is evident from the get-go, "Sympathy", the album's lead single, with its jangly, beachy vibes and infectious melody.

Psychedelic Pop Playground:

The album is a playground of experimentation. McKenna dabbles in the sonic sandbox, weaving together elements of psychedelic rock, pop, and even a touch of disco. Tracks like "Elevator Hum" showcase his exploration of electronic production, layering swirling synths and pulsating beats to create a hypnotizing soundscape. This is balanced by moments of pure pop bliss, like the infectious "Mulholland's Dinner and Wine", a breezy summer anthem that could soundtrack a poolside party. 

Lyricism with a Smile:

While the music basks in the sunshine, McKenna's lyrics retain his signature introspective wit. He delves into themes of youth, alienation, and the struggles of navigating fame, all through his whimsical lens. Tracks like "Beautiful Faces" explore the complexities of social media and self-image, while "My Sweet Sound" offers a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the music industry. But even amidst the introspection, there's an underlying sense of optimism and self-acceptance, a stark contrast to the angsty and despair of his past work.

Standout Tracks:

With 12 diverse tracks, each offering a unique soundscape, pinpointing out some standouts:

    • "Sympathy": The aforementioned lead single, a gateway to the album's sun-drenched atmoshere.
    • "Nothing Works": A more introspective number, delving into themes of existential dread and societal woes.
    • "Elevator Hum": A psychedelic soundscape, showcasing McKenna's exploration of electronic production.
    • "Mulholland's Dinner and Wine": A breezy summer anthem, perfect for lazing by the pool.
    • "Beautiful Faces": A scathing social commentary on the perils of social media and self-image.
    • "My Sweet Sound": A sarcastic look at the music industry, delivered with McKenna's signature wit.

Live and Kicking:

To celebrate the album's release, McKenna is embarking on a string of intimate album launch concerts across the UK and Ireland. This is a chance for fans to experience the "What Happened to the Beach?" magic live, basking in the sun-kissed atmoshere and engaging with McKenna's captivating stage presence.

A Verdict on Sunshine:

"What Happened to the Beach?" is a bold and beautiful evolution in Declan McKenna's artistry. It's a sun-kissed departure from his introspective roots, embracing psychedelic pop and introspective lyricism without sacrificing his signature wit. While the album delves into themes of alienation and societal woes, it does so with a newfound optimism and sense of self-acceptance, leaving listeners feeling hopeful and invigorated. If you're looking for an escape from the winter blues, McKenna's latest offering is the perfect soundtrack to bask in the sunshine.

So, grab your beach towel, crank up the volume, and let "What Happened to the Beach?" wash over you with its infectious waves of sound.

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