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Can You Reuse Record Mailers?

In the era of environmental consciousness, reusing materials not only saves money but also contributes to a reduction in waste. This principle extends to the world of vinyl record collectors and sellers, where the question of reusing record mailers often arises. record mailers, designed specifically to protect vinyl records during shipping, are pivotal in ensuring that these delicate items reach their destination safely. This article delves into whether record mailers can be reused and under what conditions, addressing common concerns and offering guidance to ensure your records remain pristine during transit.

What Condition Should the Mailer Be in for Reuse?

The condition of the record mailer is paramount when considering reuse. A mailer should be free of significant tears, bends, or any structural damage that could compromise the integrity of the protection it offers. Minor creases may be acceptable, but the mailer must retain its rigidity and ability to absorb shocks. The adhesive seal should also be functional; if it's not, additional tape can be used to secure the mailer properly. However, ensure that the tape does not come into direct contact with the record sleeve, as it can cause damage upon removal.

Are There Any Size or Thickness Limitations for Reused Mailers?

Yes, the size and thickness of the LP Mailer are crucial factors to consider. The mailer must be appropriately sized for the record—too large, and the record may shift during transit, too small, and it may be overly tight, risking sleeve damage. As for thickness, most mailers come in standard sizes designed to accommodate single LPs or multiple records. If reusing a mailer for a different number of records than it originally contained, ensure it has sufficient padding to fill any excess space and prevent movement.

Is Reusing a Mailer Safe for the Record?

Reusing a mailer can be safe for the record, provided the mailer is in good condition and properly prepared for reuse. Ensuring the record is snugly fitted within the mailer, with additional padding if necessary, will help protect it from the rigors of shipping. It's also advisable to place the record in a protective polyethylene sleeve within the mailer for added safety.

What Are the Risks of Using a Reused Mailer?

While reusing mailers is an eco-friendly practice, there are risks to consider. A compromised mailer may not offer adequate protection, leading to bent corners, splits, or other damage to the record sleeve—or, in severe cases, to the vinyl itself. Additionally, a reused mailer that appears overly worn or patched up might not make the best impression on the recipient, which is a particular concern for sellers aiming to maintain a professional image.


Reusing record mailers is a viable, environmentally friendly option that, when done correctly, can save resources without compromising the safety of vinyl records during shipping. By carefully assessing the condition of the mailer, ensuring it's free of significant damage, and properly securing the record within, collectors and sellers alike can confidently participate in this sustainable practice. Remember, the goal is to protect the music we love, and a little extra effort in preparation goes a long way in preserving the integrity of these cherished items for their next recipient.

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